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Why are your conversations in English
not fluent?

Maybe you say:
“I don’t have time”
“My schedule is too busy.”
“I use DuoLingo and I watch TV series. But that’s all."

You’re motivated to improve your English, really. You’ve enjoy apps, TV series, & books,  but you still lack fluency.

You need to find time. You need to be organized.

And then you can stop feeling like you have half your brain when you make conversation in English.

You've been learning English for 10 years, and you're still not comfortable with small talk.

It's time to change that.

Imagine how comfortable it will be to find your words. Your conversation is fluent. People enjoy speaking English with you.

Be the person with the good level of English in everyday conversations

It's easier than you think...

Can you find 20 minutes in your day?

You can do this. I'll guide you.

Finally, there’s a solid, tested program to help you become fluent in everyday conversations, in less than 20 minutes a day:

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What results do you get with the Successful Small Talk Course?

I wanted to feel more confident and less frustrated in English. Before, I didn’t make small talk. I was too afraid. With Christina’s course, I learned more vocabulary, conversation strategies, and cultural differences. I’m more confident now! The human aspect of the course is a real plus!

Olivier Boosted his confidence

I wanted to learn to speak real, modern English and improve my global level. For this, Successful Small Talk is a very complete course. It’s fun too. The good humor makes you want to revise the lessons, and it's easy to remember what you learn! I’ll definitely be more comfortable next time I welcome a visitor from a different country.

Bruno Improved his level

I wanted to improve my English to talk with American, English, Indian, and Italian colleagues. I couldn’t really make small talk before. The lessons of the Successful Small Talk course are easy to follow, and helped me learn a lot of vocabulary. Now, I can talk about many different subjects!

Malick Got lots of vocabulary

Before, my small talk was not fluid. I wasn’t comfortable in conversations. Successful Small Talk is full of positive energy, and I learned a lot of vocabulary and ideas for keeping a conversation going. I was skeptical about the effectiveness before I joined, but the course works. I feel much more comfortable with English conversations now.

Catherine Has fluid conversations

I want you to feel this confident too!

Each lesson covers one everyday subject,
for personal and professional small talk

Learn real, modern small talk with Christina

There are 15 lessons. Each lesson includes:

Audio dialogue

Improve your comprehension of real spoken English & hear the expressions in context

Video Lesson

Learn with me: confusing grammar, fluency techniques, cultural differences, & more

Transcript of the audio dialogue

See exactly what the speakers say, so you understand everything


Improve precise grammar & vocabulary points to speak more correctly

Interactive dialogue video & audio

Practice developing your reflexes so you hesitate less when you speak

Corrections for the interactive dialogue

Check your answers from the practice dialogue to be sure you're correct

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Small talk

Revise what you learn and personalize the lessons for your situation. You'll ALWAYS have the right vocabulary

Private Facebook community

Connect with other Successful Small Talk students, find a practice partner, & get help with the course

Access to the course for life

Is the level right for me?

This course is pre-intermediate to advanced

  • 1

    Pre-intermediate students

    go from basic structures to natural sentences with clear transitions and more vocabulary. They learn to have conversations in English that last longer and are more interesting.

  • 2

    Intermediate students

    become more comfortable with spontaneous conversations. They manipulate the language more easily. They don’t feel blocked when they don’t have an exact expression because they have other ways to continue the conversation.

  • 3

    Advanced students

    begin making small talk with expressions typical of native speakers. They add transitions and more complex grammar to their conversations. They learn the art of conversation in English. As one student said, “The advice is so good, it even helped me with my conversations in French!"

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You want live speaking practice too?

The Booster Pack is for you!

With the Booster Pack you get:

the online course for life

6 live group lessons

+ 3 months of membership in the Faster Fluency Conversation Club

Get support and energy from a small community of students and a teacher. We make sure you stay motivated, dedicated, and do the work so you transform the way you make small talk in English.

When are the Booster Sessions?

If you would like more information about future Booster Pack sessions, please contact Christina at and she'll be happy to help you!

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Successful Small Talk was a finalist for the 2016 David Riley Award for Innovation in Business English. Woohoo!


My Guarantee:

You love the course, or I refund your money

Do you still have hesitations? Don’t worry, I want you to be sure Successful Small Talk is for you.

Take one month--yes, 30 full days--to try the course. If you don’t LOVE it, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

When you learn with someone, it’s important to feel good about the relationship. I put all of my love, pedagogy, and fun energy into my courses, because I want you to enjoy learning English with me.

More than 150 students have joined Successful Small Talk. This course changed the way they make conversations in English.

But if you see that this course just isn’t for you, that’s ok. I’ll refund your money.

Try the lessons for yourself. I’m confident that you’ll see a difference.

Here’s my simple guarantee: Take 30 days to try the course. If you don’t LOVE it, I’ll refund 100% of your money. Join the course, and see for yourself.

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