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...in just 12 weeks!

Speak Business English Confidently

My 12-week program to feel comfortable speaking business English in social & professional situations

This program is for you if you feel: 

This program combines:

Private Business English lessons

Conversation practice groups

You speak English like a high-level professional!

For busy professionals who do not want to feel blocked by English

1000s of professionals around the world have improved their English and their confidence with my programs.

I feel more confident when I have to talk with strangers in English. I’m not afraid to try, and I no longer worry about my level. I know that the most important thing is to take part in the  conversation !

I would definitely recommend this, because the mix of formats is a great way to learn easily.

Jessica R.

Founder of Agence Someday, 


This program helped me see that it really is possible for me to develop my conversation skills and communicate with other people who speak English. It’s a perfect program for me, because I realized I CAN do this! Before I joined, I was afraid that I could not follow the group conversation part, but in fact, I got confidence, and could speak with people of many nationalities.

Valdemar B.

Company manager, 


Before taking Christina’s program, I was incapable of starting a conversation in English. I was scared. I wasn’t comfortable. Today, it’s different. I like speaking English, and I have so much more vocabulary after my hours of coaching. You’ll see that during the sessions, time flies because you’re having fun (and learning!)

Sébastien S.

Technical support specialist, 


How does the program work?

Speak Business English Confidently includes:

12 x 45-minute private lessons with your individual Expert Business English Teacher

60 x 1 hour group conversation practice sessions with professionals around the world

6 x 45-minute small group Question & Answer sessions with Christina

12 podcast episodes + transcripts on useful conversation topics

100 digital vocabulary flash cards to have more vocabulary for conversations

Grammar, vocabulary, & pronunciation exercises that we send to you each week

Your time is valuable.
This program is flexible.

You can enroll in this program ANY TIME.  

Plan your private Business English lesson with your teacher, when you want. 

Attend any small group conversation practice sessions you want. There are 5 each week.

Every weekend, you receive all resources by email. Easy & convenient!

You will enjoy the learning process, connecting with others, improving yourself AND your confidence. 

Learning is “fun”, even if it’s Business English.

That’s the Speak English with Christina touch!

Enroll in the program today!

Choose your payment option:

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Vous pouvez utiliser votre Compte Personnel de Formation ou le Plan de Formation de votre entreprise pour financer Speak Business English Confidently… et vous avez un test + certificat de niveau en fin de programme !

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Make your life & your job easier in English

Conference call with colleagues from Brazil, UK, and China
“I can understand their accents much better now and I don’t say ‘Can you repeat?’ all the time! Before, I always preferred email, or to avoid answering the phone. But now, when someone says ‘Can we talk about it on the phone?’ I say ‘Yes, why not?’”
Meeting American colleagues for a dinner
“I can make conversation on lots of different subjects and have lots of vocabulary! It’s really nice to feel ‘I’m doing this!’ and to actually enjoy speaking English now, instead of feeling uncomfortable during 90% of the dinner.”
Presentation at an international conference
“I was less nervous about the questions at the end, and in reality, it was all ok for me. For one question I didn’t understand, I could clarify in a professional way. I felt like I handled the situation like I would have done in my native language.”
Meeting new people from around the world at a conference
“I meet a lot more interesting people and grow my network when I go to events, because I’m not afraid to start conversations with strangers. I feel like I get a better return on investment now because I make better contacts.”

Work with the best Business English teachers online

For your private Business English lessons & group conversation practice sessions, you work with Expert Business English Teachers from my team.

I selected these teachers for their experience teaching adults, their knowledge of today’s business world, and their pedagogical skills. 

They bring the fun, positive attitude of Speak English with Christina to your lessons. You’ll love learning with us. 

Our difference: We personally take care of you, and match you to the best teacher for your needs.

Matthew McNutt makes sure his students feel comfortable and confident, with lots of speaking practice

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-intermediate or intermediate level (B1-B2). If you have an upper intermediate level (C1), this program is also for you!

You can enroll any time, including today! The program duration is 12 weeks.

You plan your private Business English lessons when you want, directly in your teacher’s calendar.

Here is the timetable: 

You do not have to attend all 5 sessions. Most participants attend 1-3 sessions each week.

We will discuss this together, and match you with the best teacher for your needs. 

Please contact Christina at contact@christinarebuffet.com, or +33(0)6 70 44 79 80. She or her team will help you! 

Christina's Confident Guarantee
I am 100% sure that you will improve your English with Speak Business English Confidently

You can try the program for 2 weeks. 

If you come to your sessions, do your work, and do not improve, we refund your money. 

Enroll in the program today!

Choose your payment option:


If you have a general question about the program, write to Marica, head of student enrollment and relations, at contact@christinarebuffet.com.

You can also call me at  +33 (0)6 70 44 79 80 or book an appointment in my calendar.