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Improving your English during confinement?
Let me help, with my online course:

In this crazy pandemic, we need to come together & support each other, more than ever.

It's what friends do in difficult times.

So when you get this course, I'll give you extra help & support:

We're in a global crisis, but positive things are happening too

We are physically stuck at home, but we’re connecting more and more, digitally.

Connecting with others around the world helps us keep a positive outlook. 

We realize we’re in this together, as a global community.

Many of us are working from home, so we have more control of how we manage our schedule and routines.

We’re taking care to do things that are “good” for us, to stay mentally and physically healthy.

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Is it a good idea to get "Understand Real American English" right now?

  • For some people, right now is a bad time. For others, right now is a good time to get an English course. Maybe you are asking yourself if it’s a good idea…

This could be a good time for you to get this course if:

  • You always wanted to improve your English, and now have more control over your time

  • You have a more flexible schedule now, and can spend some time for something YOU have always wanted to do, like improving your English

  • You want an enjoyable distraction from bad news that is ALSO good for your personal and professional life

  • You want to join a global community of learners just like you, in the special live community sessions that I’m offering at this moment


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Christina 🙂

How "Understand Real American English" will help you

“I'm watching a lot of movies in English... but I still need subtitles!”

It’s great that we can watch so many movies and series in English, no matter where we are in the world. But it’s even better if you can enjoy them without needing subtitles! It’s such a great feeling to say “I understand, and I don’t need subtitles!” 

To be able to enjoy movies without subtitles, you need to train your ear. That’s what this course does


“I want to do something good for me, but also good for my professional life"

We are doing A LOT more Zoom sessions and Skype calls than before. And this probably will not change for a long time, as distance working becomes the new normal. 

If you’re working with native speakers, you’ll feel more comfortable and more productive if you can understand them better. This course will help you understand your American colleagues better. And it’s a better way to spend your time than watching bad news all day! 

“I don't want to learn English alone. I want to be with others, and a teacher!" ”

Learning with others, being a part of a community, and advancing together has so many benefits for our health. 

That’s why, during this time of global pandemic, I’m organizing an online community and live question and answer sessions for students of the Understand Real American English Course. You will not be alone! 

We may be social distancing, but we don't have to be isolated. I'm exceptionally including lots of community events to help you keep your motivation up!

Membership in a special online course community, for help & support from other students

Live Q&A sessions with me each week in May & June, to help you with the course

New connections and friends from around the world, who want to learn English too

This course is like having an American friend who teaches you the important things you need, to understand real, fast conversations

“Understand American English” is an online listening and vocabulary course based on real, unscripted conversations with Americans.

It’s for intermediate students who want to finally understand the fast, spoken English of real conversations.

This course bridges the gap between clear, articulate English lessons and makes it easier to understand real, spoken English


What level is this course?

This course is pre-intermediate to advanced (B1 - C1)

Try the course for 30 days with no risk · If you decide to keep the course, your access never expires

What's in the course?

14 Video lessons, where I decode the fast sounds & colloquial vocabulary for you

Accelerate your comprehension. because you learn to understand the fast sounds, the vocabulary, and the colloquial expressions you never learned in school

10 Videos of unscripted, spontaneous discussions between 2 Americans

Practice listening as much as you want, so you’re prepared for conversations the real world. Because you’ve decoded the conversation, you actively train your ear (which is not the case when you watch movies for fun)

30 Exercises for global and detailed comprehension

Test your comprehension skills and evaluate your progress as you work through the course. Each exercise highlights the most important lessons to take from the conversation.

Transcripts for each conversation

Check you understood the fast parts and see new vocabulary, so you remember it better. The transcript gives you all the expressions in context, so you learn to use them correctly.

10 Pronunciation training exercises

Your pronunciation is the first thing others notice about your English, and it immediately impacts their impression of you. Sound more natural with these pronunciation & intonation exercises.

Students recommend this course to help you better understand spoken English

I live in the USA, but often work with other French speakers, so my English listening doesn’t improve very quickly. This course is helping me finally see what people say in real conversations, and to understand better!

Guy L.



I want to learn to understand Americans and also improve my pronunciation, to sound better when I speak. This course is already helping me do both!

Darren L.



I joined because I want to improve my English and better understand Americans on the phone. Even if I haven’t spent a lot of time on the modules, I’ve already gotten tips that make my conversations easier!

Lai S.



My husband and I have a project to go to the USA as investors, so it’s essential for us to understand Americans the way they really speak. This course is helping me improve my comprehension and feel more confident about my English too!

Vero B.



Get lifetime access to the course for only 129€

Your access to the course never
expires, so it fits your busy schedule.

Do the lessons anytime you want!

Try the complete course "Understand Real American English" for 30 days, with zero risk

We’ve tested this program with real students.

Research suggests that deliberate practice (where you intentionally work to improve a specific skill) leads to faster, better results.

So I know this course works.

But it’s best for you to see for yourself. Try the course for 30 days, with no risk.

If you don't love the course, just tell me and I'll refund your money

You get access to the entire course, for life.
Nothing more to pay, ever.

When you learn a language, revision is important. That’s why, when you buy one of my courses, you get access FOREVER.

No monthly membership fees. No annual renewals. Just one single payment for lifetime access to the course.

My guarantee:

You love the course, or I refund your money

I want you to be sure that “Understand Real American English” is for you. The best way? To let you try it.

Take one month to try the course. If you don’t LOVE it, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

When you learn with someone, it’s important to feel good about the relationship. I put all of my love, pedagogy, and fun energy into my courses, because I want you to enjoy learning English with me.

More than 250 students have joined the course, to test and approve the activities for you. They love it! 

So what are you waiting for?
I’m confident that you’ll see this program is like no other English course on the market.

But if you don’t LOVE it, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

“Will this course work for me?”

“Is this course ok for my level?”

Here’s what each level gets:

  • Intermediate learners B1 and B2: you will expand your vocabulary to strengthen your confidence with spoken English. You’ll become more confident because you understand more nuances and colloquial expressions. Intermediate learners see a big increase in self-confidence thanks to lessons that explain step-by-step the sounds and expressions of authentic spoken English.
  • Advanced learners C1 and C2: your understanding of fast spoken English will become easier and more automatic. You may even integrate some colloquial expressions into your own English, to sound more like native speakers. At this level, it’s the little details that make the biggest difference. You want your level of English language to reflect your personality, naturally.
  • Elementary A1 and A2: This course is NOT for beginners.

“What happens if I feel like I’m not improving with the course?”

First, if you follow the roadmap that I have created for you in the course, I guarantee that you will improve your English. I’ve taught English for 15 years, and I constantly update my pedagogy.

Since I created this course, 250+ students have joined and tested the activities. They love this course!

But, you have 30 days to test the ENTIRE course to see how it helps you. If, after 30 days, you did the work but feel you learned nothing, I refund your money, no questions asked.

There’s no risk in joining.

But imagine what you risk if you do nothing to understand English better…

“I tried the sample lesson, but it was very challenging. I understood about 50%...”

I’ll be honest. This course IS challenging. That’s why it works.

It pushes you to your limits in understanding English, to take you step-by-step to a new level.

If you tried the sample lesson and couldn’t understand everything, this course is exactly what you need to bridge the gap between the clear English of lessons, and the fast, messy English of the real world.

“Is 10 lessons really enough to improve my comprehension?”

Training your ear is not a fast process, but you can be more efficient. This course accelerates your improvement so you learn better and faster.

You’ll learn to recognize the sounds and colloquial expressions, so that you can understand them better in the video conversations. You can revise the lessons as much as you want to progressively train your ear.

And you’ll notice, when you listen to other conversations between native speakers (podcasts, movies, discussions), you’ll progressively understand more.

About the course content

What’s the difference between this course and your free videos on YouTube?

This course is a complete method. It’s a learning path where you simply follow the lessons and activities I created for you to reach your goal.

I guide you step-by-step from start to finish, and you know that you’re working towards your objective efficiently.

As you saw in the sample lesson, there are many elements in each module to help you learn each aspect of understanding real American English, and activities so you actively learn.

The free episodes on YouTube are great for learning tips on many different subjects, but they are not a structured course, and do not have exercises where you actively learn.

Are the conversations really authentic?

Yes, all of the conversations are authentic, unscripted, and just like conversations you hear in real life.

With my friends and family, we installed the camera, and just started talking about the topic of the lesson. But we didn’t do any advance preparation… just like in real conversations.

What’s will I learn in the course lessons?

Module What you learn, in addition to the colloquial expressions from each conversation
1. Planning events, with Lisa
  • The weak schwa sound
  • How to understand words that include this very weak sound (it represents 30% of the sounds in spoken English. In other words, it’s ESSENTIAL to understand)


2. A recipe, with Bonnie
  • Disappearing sounds at the ends of words
  • How to recognize words when they are “squished” together and sound like one strange sound
3. Talking about a past trip, with Colleen
  • Understanding words with the flap T (where you see “T” but you hear “D”, and makes “easy” words hard to understand)
4. Driving directions, with Jennifer
  • Expressions like “should have” & “could have” that sound like “shoulduh/ and /coulduh/
  • “Going to” pronounced as /gonna/ or /gowintuh/
  • “Kind of a” pronounced as /kaï nuhvhuh/
5. Catching up, with Michael
  • Recognize common questions we say fast, without thinking
  • Understand the contraction of “them” with the word before it (it becomes /’em/)
  • Ignore the filler “like”, because we use it all the time, but it has no meaning
6. Discussing movies, with Jennifer
  • Follow a “messy” discussion with lots of false starts & unclear structure
  • How to follow a conversation that changes topics quickly and with no transition
  • The use of the word “stuff” (It’s so common)
7. Talking business, with Paul
  • “Little” transition words you hear in casual conversations
  • How we pronounce verbs with -ed (and how they’re squished with the next word)
  • “A lot of” pronounced as /uh lodduh/
  • Pronunciation of difficult words like “brewery”
8. Describing your work, with Rubin
  • Syllable stress in words, and how it helps you understand and speak more clearly
  • Word stress in sentences, and how it’s essential for others to understand you easily
  • Understanding when some words are squished and fast in the middle of conversations
9. A charitable enterprise, with Zachary
  • Understanding super fast parts within conversations
  • Coping with speed variations (they speak slowly, then quickly) in a conversation
  • “Of” pronounced as /uh/
10. Discussing the weather, with Kay
  • How sounds are squished in certain verb tenses
  • -ing pronounced as /in/ at the end of words
  • Liaisons between the /in/ sound and the following word

About how to do the course

“I want to join the course, what’s the process?”


  1. Choose one of the two options: single payment or monthly payments
  2. Create your student account and make payment (card or PayPal)
  3. You’ll have immediate access to the course

If you have any problems making payment, contact me here or at I’m happy to help you.

“What happens when I pay?”

After you pay, you will receive a confirmation email. It has your username and password that you’ll use to connect to your course.

Then, you can connect to the course with your username and password, to begin your activities when you’re ready.

“In the course title, it says ‘Season 1.’ Do I have to pay again, like a subscription?”

No, this is a single, one-time payment.

You join the course, and it becomes your permanent library of real American English lessons. You keep your access forever.

We included “Season 1” in the title, because we plan to make more courses like this one, with different themes in the conversations! That will be “Season 2”, just like with your favorite American series

My card is not in Euros. Can I join the course?

Yes. We already have students from USA, South Africa, Brazil, Guatemala, Taiwan, Russia, and more!

Both our payment system and PayPal accept currencies from all countries, so you can pay in your local currency. Our system does the conversion automatically.

What will you do now?

You can continue just watching series and movies and pretend you're improving, but there's a cost:

Or, you can let me guide you step by step, to better understand fast English:

Get lifetime access to the course AND the special community events for only 129€

Need help? Got a question?

Me and my team are here to help you!