Terms & conditions

Sales conditions for all sites and training products created by Christina Rebuffet and/or Speak English with Christina.

Article 1 : Application

The present terms & conditions apply to all transactions made by any internet site that belongs to Christina Rebuffet and Speak English with Christina.

Any person or company who validates a purchase via our sales platform online, pays by check, or pays in cash is considered as a client.

The only version of this document that is legally binding is the version available on this present page, or in French at http://www.christinarebuffet.com/mentions-legales.

Article 1.2 : Age limitation

Age limitations apply

Christina Rebuffet does not accept clients younger than 18 years of age.

We do our best to restrict access of minors to our sites, products and services. Even if the content of our products and services is not shocking or explicit in nature, we prefer to address a mature audience.

Anyone who joins the Speak English Ambassador newsletter list and who is not minimum 18 years of age will be deleted from the list when we learn they are a minor. Any client who does not meet this criteria will also be reimbursed for their purchase and their access closed.

Article 2 : Purchases

All purchases made by a site that belongs to Christina Rebuffet implies acceptance of the present terms and conditions.

Article 3 : Price

Prices are indicated in Euros and American Dollars, tax included.

When a price conversion is indicated, it reflects approximately the conversation rate as indicated by the site xe.com at the date of the creation of the price list.

We take care to update our price lists each time we open registration for a course.

Prices can be modified at any moment. Prices listed on our sites will be the prices applied at checkout.

Article 4 : Payment

Unless specifically stated otherwise, payment is immediate, at the date of purchase. This includes pre-orders for products or services that will be released in the future. You can make payment directly via our sites, which are protected for secure online payments.

Online payments are managed by PayPal, Stripe, and/or ClickBank. All guarantees regarding the security of these systems is entirely the responsibility of these sites and your bank, and does not concern us.

Article 5 : Return and reimbursement conditions

In accordance with French law, you have 7 days from your purchase date to ask for reimbursement.

For online courses, I also offer an extended guarantee, which is specified on the sales page of the course.

Article 6 : Protection of personal information

In accordance with French law on data liberties dated 6 janvier 1978, you have the right to access and correct any data that we have about you.

We declare all our data to the French National Commission on Data Liberties (CNIL).

Be adhering to these terms and conditions, you understand and accept our policy on data protection and agree to us collecting and using this data.

You can unsubscribe at any moment from all communication related to Christina Rebuffet and Speak English with Christina. All you must do is click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each email newsletter you receive from us. This link is preceded by the mention “To unsubscribe or change subscription options, visit: (Link here).

Our newletter is declared with the CNIL under the number 1829397 and respects all laws regarding personal data liberties.

We use cookies on all our sites.

We track traffic on our sites. For this, we use tools such as, but not limited to, Google Analytics, SumoMe, and other tracking tools. This non-personal data allows us to improve your experience and personalize our sites according to frequent user use.

Article 7 : Applicable law

All clauses in the present terms and conditions, including all purchases, is covered under French law.

Article 8 : Affiliation and recommandations

In our newsletters, communications, and training programs, we may recommend other tools, websites, products, or services that could be useful for you in learning English.

When this is the case, we are generally partners with the companies selling these tools, products, or services, and we get a commission for recommending their products.

When this is not the case, we make this information clear.

Article 9 : Coaching and consultation services

Unless otherwise agreed by the client and Christina Rebuffet, full payment will be required before any coaching or consultation begins.


When you reserve a consulation, coaching, or other session with with me, I make a commitment to be available to serve you. This directly influences the number of clients I can serve. For this reason, I cannot offer a reimbursement for any sessions that you reserved but failed to attend.

Cancellation policy

If you reserved a session with me and must cancel, please do it at least 24 hours before the time of your session. After this time, the session will be billed and no reimbursement will be given.

If you cancel on time, the session will not be considered as billed, and we will re-book your session. If you have already paid for your session, you cancel at least 24 hours in advance, and you do not wish to re-book your session, we will reimburse you.

The sessions purchased in the VIP Package of the Get The Job course are excluded from this option and cannot be reimbursed should you choose not to take your session.

Please be on time.

My time is precious, just like yours. If you are late for our appointment, you lose this time. We will finish at the time originally scheduled. If you are absent from the session, it will be considered as billed.

On my side, I make a commitment to be on time for our sessions too.

Article 10 : Informations sur Christina Rebuffet

Christina Rebuffet is declared as auto-entrepreneur in France.

SIRET 52290387100021

Headquarters: 9 square le Perier, 38400 Saint Martin d’Heres

If you want to send me a postcard, add my name: Christina Rebuffet. I love postcards and birthday cards (July 27th, if you’re curious).

Tel : +33 (0)6 70 44 79 80 from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Paris time.  You can leave a message if I can’t respond.

Fax : Who has a fax nowadays?? Scan your document and send it to me at christina AT christinarebuffet.com

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! You’re a star!