The course that makes it easier to decode spontaneous conversations by fast-talking Americans



At first, you understand, and the conversation goes pretty well. But as the conversation continues, they speak faster and faster. You're lost and don't know what to do...

“Should I tell them to slow down? That’s embarrassing.”

“Should I ask them to repeat, again? I’ll slow the conversation.”

“Should I just smile and pretend I’m following? I’ll feel like an idiot!”

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"Why can't I understand?!"
(Me, trying to learn French in France in 2003)

I've been in the same embarrassing situation...

When I studied French at school, I was the best student in my class. It was easy to understand the scripted audio conversations in my coursebook.

Then, I came to France…

What happened in conversations destroyed my linguistic confidence, every time.

“What is this language they’re speaking?? That’s not the French I learned!”

I became uncomfortable, embarrassed, as I asked people to repeat. Just one more time. But slower please.

“OK, that didn’t help. Why can’t I understand?!”

All the time I had spent listening to French movies and songs didn't prepare me for the real world...I thought it would. But I was wrong.








Christina :-)


  • “If I watch movies in English, it will become easier to understand conversations”

    No scientific evidence supports this. Yes, it’s fun. Yes, it feels like you’re doing something to improve your English. Yes, it’s better than nothing.

    When watching a movie you’re only testing your comprehension, not learning how to better understand.

    Learning how to understand is the key.

    Because in real life, you can’t rewind the conversation to listen again. You have to learn to decode the sounds in real time.

  • “I just need to go live in an English-speaking country for 6 months"

    I thought this too: “I’ll go to France, I’ll be immersed in the language, and I’ll learn it like a child learns their native language. It’ll be easy!”


    You are not a child anymore.

    Your brain does not absorb the language the same way a child does.

    Plus, there is an advantage of learning as an adult: when someone explains something, you can understand, analyze, apply it, and progress faster when you work at it.

  • “If I listen to CNN and podcasts all day every day, my ear will train itself eventually”

    Like with movies, no research justifies this. It’s passive listening. You consume the sound, but you do not actively work to better understand.

    There is a BIG difference between passively hearing English and actively listening to improve your comprehension.

    Sure, passive listening has a role in improving your comprehension, but you need active training too to make it quicker, easier, and balanced.

    It’s like with food: Vegetables are great, but you also need protein, bread, and fruit.
    A healthy balance is the key to good development!

We've all met someone who has lived in an English-speaking country or “studied” English for years,
but still can’t follow conversations between native speakers. It's very painful to see.

Why can't they understand better?

Because there’s a BIG difference between listening a lot (even in immersion) and truly learning to understand.

To learn faster, you need someone to teach you the sounds, the vocabulary, the culture

You don't have to struggle or wait years to understand fast conversations

This course is like having an American friend who decodes spontaneous, fast conversations and teaches you to finally understand

"Understand American English" is an online listening and vocabulary course based on real, unscripted conversations with Americans.

It's for intermediate students who want to finally understand the fast, spoken English of real conversations.

This course bridges the gap between clear, articulate English lessons and makes it easier to understand real, spoken English


You no longer feel frustrated trying to understand Americans.
You understand without trying to translate, even for colloquial expressions.
You feel like an insider, even in fast conversations!

What level is this course?

This course is pre-intermediate to advanced (B1 - C1)




What's in the program?

14 video lessons, where I decode the fast sounds & colloquial vocabulary for you

Accelerate your comprehension. because you learn to understand the fast sounds, the vocabulary, and the colloquial expressions you never learned in school

10 videos of unscripted, spontaneous discussions between 2 Americans

Practice listening as much as you want, so you’re prepared for conversations the real world.

Because you've decoded the conversation, you actively train your ear (which is not the case when you watch movies for fun)

30 exercises for global and detailed comprehension

Test your comprehension skills and evaluate your progress as you work through the course. Each exercise highlights the most important lessons to take from the conversation.

Transcripts for each conversation

Check you understood the fast parts and see new vocabulary, so you remember it better. The transcript gives you all the expressions in context, so you learn to use them correctly.

10 pronunciation training exercises

Your pronunciation is the first thing others notice about your English, and it immediately impacts their impression of you. Sound more natural with these pronunciation & intonation exercises.

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Students recommend this course to help you better understand spoken English

Darren L. Darren L., Malaysia

I want to learn to understand Americans and also improve my pronunciation, to sound better when I speak. This course is already helping me do both!

Guy L. Guy L., USA

I live in the USA, but often work with other French speakers, so my English listening doesn’t improve very quickly. This course is helping me finally see what people say in real conversations, and to understand better!

Vero B. Vero B., France

My husband and I have a project to go to the USA as investors, so it’s essential for us to understand Americans the way they really speak. This course is helping me improve my comprehension and feel more confident about my English too!

Lai S. Lai S., Taiwan

I joined because I want to improve my English and better understand Americans on the phone. Even if I haven’t spent a lot of time on the modules, I’ve already gotten tips that make my conversations easier!

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Take one month to try the course. If you don’t LOVE it, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

When you learn with someone, it’s important to feel good about the relationship. I put all of my love, pedagogy, and fun energy into my courses, because I want you to enjoy learning English with me.

More than 130 students joined the course earlier this year, to test and approve the activities for you. They had this same 30-day guarantee.

How many students asked for a refund? Zero.

So what are you waiting for?
I’m confident that you’ll see this program is like no other English course on the market.

But if you don’t LOVE it, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

What's the cost of doing nothing?

Here’s a true story from a client. We’ll call her Valerie:

“I moved to Florida 2 years ago to follow my dream and create my company, a small surveillance company. Every day we call clients, receive clients, and go on-site to their home.

I studied English for 12 years and even if I’m immersed in American English now, it’s still very difficult for me to understand, especially on the phone.

I avoid it and delegate it to one of my American employees as much as possible.

How can I be credible if I can’t make a simple phone call without being dependent on an employee?

When I can’t understand a potential client, I ask them to send me an email with their questions. The client is polite and agrees, but then I receive no email, so I lose the opportunity."

"I'm losing money because I can't understand my American clients!"

Valerie lost business in the past because she had difficulties understanding clients.

When we opened the course earlier this year, she didn't hesitate to join.

"It's a very small price to pay to feel comfortable & credible with clients, to understand them, and do my job better," she says. "I'll have a return on my investment quickly!"

Frequent questions

  • What if I don't have time at the moment?

    It’s ok. You have access to the course for life. You do the lessons at your rhythm. Join now and begin working on the lesson when you’re ready

  • How much time do I need to do the course?

    There are 10 modules, and you can complete each lesson in about an hour. But you work at YOUR rhythm, and I encourage you to review the lessons to train your ear regularly.

  • Can I join later this year?

    No, sorry. We close registrations on Friday June 29th at 23:59 Central European Time. This is your last chance to join the course in 2018.

  • How do I pay for the course? My card is not in Euros.

    You can pay in ANY currency. Our payment system will automatically do the conversion. People from all over the world join my courses!

  • Is this course online or live?

    Understand Real American English is a self-study online course. You can do the modules any time you want, and you have access for life.

  • How is this course different from your YouTube videos?

    This is a complete, structured course. The lessons go into MUCH more detail than the YouTube episodes. Everything is ready to use and easy to follow, all in one package.

What will you do now?

You can continue just watching series and movies and pretend you're improving, but there's a cost:

  • Losing clients because they don't trust that you totally understand them
  • Missing opportunities to build relationships through real conversations
  • Damaging your credibility because you can't follow discussions
  • Feeling frustrated and stuck with your school English (possibly for years more)


Or, you can let me guide you step by step, to better understand fast English:

  • Enjoy better relationships, both in business and personal life
  • Connect with clients and colleagues, so you appreciate each other
  • Finally bridge the gap between school English and real conversations
  • Feel comfortable and confident in English, and proud to invest in yourself now

Need help? Got a question?

Me and my team are here to help you!

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