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You will love this course because it will teach you to give the answers the recruiter expects. You’ll stand out from the crowd and get the job

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My promise to you:

Thanks to this course, you will prove you’re qualified for the job, in English. Your English level will increase your chances instead of decreasing them. Your answers will be more structured. You’ll have more vocabulary. You’ll improve your fluency. You will transform your responses in English from “meh, ok...” to “excellent & impressive.”

So many students have transformed their professional lives thanks to the Get The Job Course:

  • Jobseekers reduced the duration of their unemployment period
  • Future jobseekers increased their confidence in their English. They felt prepared to apply for jobs that demanded fluent English.
  • Professionals in France & Spain felt prepared for interviews with Dutch, Brazilian, and American companies.
  • Expats in the USA learned what to expect and how to respond in an American job interview.
  • Finalist candidates could prepare a surprise interview in English in just 3 days...and convince the English-speaking recruiter!

I'll let them tell you in their own words...

I got the job! My 2nd interview was all in English. I had only 3 days to prepare, and I did it, thanks to your course! The recruiter asked the same questions that you detail in the course. Your videos really helped me prepare. I’ll start my new job with a Brazilian company in 2 weeks! Thank you Christina!

Philippe, got a new job in just 3 days

This course is really well-structured, and both the format and content are interesting. You learn how to structure your answers, which is just as important as the vocabulary you learn. I’ll start my interviews in 2-3 months, and this course has already helped me feel much more confident that I’ll get the job.

Malick, feels confident about his future now

I got the Get the Job course, and I got the job! During my job search, I looked at other solutions on the internet, and I really liked the friendly style of your videos. It’s lively, easy to remember, and relaxed. The visual format of the course helped me remember everything. And it worked, because I succeeded in my job interview.

Sahra, got the job thanks to this course

I created Get The Job based on my 13 years of experience helping professionals prepare job interviews and on my discussions with international recruiters.

Students just like you also helped me. This course is for professionals who want to get a new job, but lack confidence in their English level.

My students say they love the positivity and motivation in the course. They feel good about their progress, thanks to clear explanations, a fun attitude to learning English, and solid pedagogy.

This innovative course gives you more than standard job interview advice that you find on the internet. It’s why this course has helped so many students succeed in their job interviews in English.

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"Tell me about yourself"

12 modules for the 12 essential questions

  • q-icon1. Can you tell me a little about yourself ?

    Know exactly what information to present



  • q-icon 2. Why do you want this job ?

    Avoid words like “motivated” & “dynamic”


  • q-icon3. Why are you leaving your current job ?

    Explain a delicate situation positively


  • q-icon4. Why have you been looking for a job for so long?

    Make your profile more attractive


  • q-icon5. Why should we hire you?

    Concrete examples convince the recruiter


  • q-icon6. What are your greatest strengths?

    Tell a story that demonstrates your qualities


  • q-icon7. What do you consider to be your weakness or biggest failure ?

    Learn specific vocabulary


  • q-icon8. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

    Avoid giving dangerous details


  • q-icon9. Tell me about a difficult situation and how you handled it?

    Tell effective stories with correct grammar


  • q-icon10. What are your salary expectations?

    Get the salary you desire


  • q-icon11. What do you do in your free time?

     Your hobbies can be a plus


  • q-icon12. Do you have any questions for me?

    50 ready-to-use questions


What's in each module?

A video lesson

to learn the recruiter's expectations, how to structure your answer, and precise vocabulary

Preparation sheets

to guide you step-by-step to create excellent answers in correct English

A video of a job interview simulation

of a job interview (with English subtitles) to show you a great answer in real, spoken English

Lots of examples

of real, effective responses to inspire you and help you personalize your answers

Audio MP3

version of the lesson. Learn while you drive!

You can download everything and work anywhere!

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One individual coaching session

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How does this course change you? Ask some past students:

The Get The Job program is exactly what I needed before I did my job interview in English. The modern approach and complete information in each module made me feel ready for my job. I felt a lot more confident!

Muriel, boosted her confidence in English

Christina's lessons in the Get The Job course are so well structured that I even used the advice to improve my interview in French! The day of my interview, I felt very confident and answered the questions easily. Result? I got the job!

Raphaella, had no hesitations answering in English

Christina is a true professional coach and Get The Job combines efficiency and a relaxed approach. She clearly knows the needs we have before a job interview. My preparation was much more efficient thanks to this program.

Catherine, enjoyed preparing her interview efficiently

According to the magazine Challenges, the average salary increase is 5-10% when you get a new job.
You could see a return on this investment immediately!

Is Get The Job right for you?

If you...

If you...

  • Have an intermediate level of English
  • Plan to change jobs in the future OR are actively searching for a job
  • Work in an international environment
  • Want to accelerate your job interview success
  • Need to improve your English to convince the next recruiter next week or even tomorrow
  • Are a beginner in English
  • Are retired
  • Just started a new job and you’re happy (Congratulations!)
  • Do job interviews only in your native language
  • Are learning English for studies

This course IS for you

This course is NOT for you

Frequently asked questions

Q : When is the deadline to join the Get The Job course?

R : The last day to join is Tuesday March 28. Registration closes at 6 P.M. EST/New York time / 12:00 A.M. (midnight) CET Paris time.

Q : Are there opportunities to practice speaking in this course?

R : There are speaking opportunities in the Mastermind and VIP packs. I do not offer speaking opportunities in the Essentials pack.

Q : How much does the course cost?

R : There are 3 options: 147€, 249€, or 349€.You choose the option you prefer.

Q : How do I access the Mastermind sessions?

R : I will send you a special link to access these live sessions.

Q : How long is my access to the course valid?

R : Your access to the online course and mastermind group (if you choose this option) is valid for life.

Q : What level of English is the course for?

R : This course is best for students with an intermediate level. To be sure that the level is right for you, please test the sample lesson ‘Can you tell me about yourself?’ above.

Q : Is this course only for people who work in English-speaking countries?

R : No, this course is for anyone who has a job interview in English, even if it’s in your own country.

Q : When are the Mastermind sessions?

R : One time per month, generally on the 3rd Monday of the month, at 12 PM (noon) EST/New York time / 6PM CET/Paris time.

Q : Is this course only for jobseekers (people who do not have a job at the moment)?

R : This course is for BOTH jobseekers and professionals who are considering changing jobs.

Q : What if I’m absent from a Mastermind session?

R : You join the sessions when you want. There is no obligation to join every session, but I encourage you to join as often as you can.

Q : When will you open registration for this course again?

R : Honestly, I don’t know yet. If you are interested, please join now.

Q : How long is the individual session in the VIP Pack?

R : Most sessions last 1-2 hours. We take the time necessary to do a complete job interview simulation with feedback.

My guarantee of satisfaction

My promise to you: This course will improve your performance in your next job interview in English IF you do the work. This course is for motivated students who want to invest time and effort in creating a better future for themselves.

You have 30 days to test the course to be 100% sure that it is right for you. There is no risk if you join the course today. You have 30 days to decide to keep the course or ask for a refund.

If the course is not for you, I will refund your money and close your access to the course, no questions asked.

But if you do the work regularly, I guarantee that this course will improve your performance in your next job interview in English.

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