Do you want to speak professional English more confidently?

Better English = more confidence, more opportunities, better salary


English is indispensable for your career.

You can't wait until the last minute to get more confidence, more fluency, more vocabulary.

The "Get The Job" course opens doors to new career opportunities

Highlight your experience, your skills, and your value in up-to-date business English.

In 12 lessons, you learn how to answer the essential questions you'll hear in interviews and professional networking discussions.

With each lesson, you become more confident and credible in English

This course isn't just for jobseekers.

It advances your career in many situations:

Are you ready to boost your English and boost your career?

Choose your pack:

Essentials Pack or  Coaching Pack

You get immediate access to the complete course, all the lessons, and the bonuses

Essentials Pack: Online course

4 payments
of 59€

  • 12 video lessons
  • 12 sets of preparation sheets
  • 12 interview simulation videos
  • MP3 versions of the video lessons
  • 12 transcripts of the interview simulations
  • Private Facebook community
  • Access to all of this FOR LIFE
  • 12 live coaching sessions with Christina
  • Christina's notes from the coaching sessions
  • Recordings of the live sessions
  • Personal feedback and corrections from Christina

Coaching Pack: Online course + 3 months of live coaching

The Coaching Pack will be available again in 2019.

  • 12 video lessons
  • 12 sets of preparation sheets
  • 12 interview simulation videos
  • MP3 versions of the video lessons
  • 12 transcripts of the interview simulations
  • Private Facebook community
  • Access to all of this FOR LIFE
  • 12 live coaching sessions with Christina
  • Christina's notes from the coaching sessions
  • Recordings of the live sessions
  • Personal feedback and corrections from Christina

I'll send you bonus interview tips & tell you when the Coaching Pack opens again


Christina guides you step by step.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Watch the video lesson

Learn vocabulary, how to structure your answer, and the arguments that highlight why you're the right person for the job. Everything you need to be clear, correct, and convincing.

Step 2: Complete the preparation sheets

Let me guide you step by step as you learn to talk about your experience with the right structures and vocabulary for YOU, so you feel comfortable about your professional English

Step 3: Interview simulation videos

Listen to how I use the expressions you learned to sound convincing and credible. This video is in natural, spontaneous English, to help you become more fluent in up-to-date business English.

Step 4: Practice...and get the job!

Each lesson has tips to help you practice speaking, by yourself or with a language partner. You're MUCH more comfortable and confident...and more likely to get the job

You access your course when you want, so you can always revise

With the online course, you do your lessons when you want, where you want. When you join, you get immediate access to all of the modules and bonuses. And you keep your access for life!

You get more opportunities because you speak English like a true professional

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The course includes 12 lessons that cover the 12 essential topics you must master

  • q-icon1. Tell me about yourself

    Give the “best of” your experience & avoid drowning in too many detailswant-job

  • q-icon 2. Why do you want this job?

    Show how your enthusiasm AND your qualifications make you the logical choice


  • q-icon3. Why are you leaving your current job ?

    Explain a delicate situation in a way that makes you look good


  • q-icon4. Why have you been looking for a job for so long?

    Another delicate situation, that you can turn in your favor


  • q-icon5. Why should we hire you?

    Choose the right reasons & examples to convince the interviewer


  • q-icon6. What are your greatest strengths?

    Tell stories that show the value you bring, and how fantastic you are


  • q-icon7. What are your weaknesses or failures?

    Transform negative characteristics into opportunities for growth


  • q-icon8. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

    Avoid giving dangerous details that make the interviewer doubt


  • q-icon9. Tell me about a difficult situation you've had?

    Show the positive results you created in the face of difficulty


  • q-icon10. What are your salary expectations?

    Demonstrate your value with concrete arguments to get the salary you want


  • q-icon11. What do you do in your free time?

    Let your hobbies make you seem even more attractive…the icing on the cake!


  • q-icon12. Do you have any questions for me?

    50 ready-to-use questions to get answers you need & leave a good impression


Boost your confidence and fluency with live coaching

Practice speaking with Christina and other motivated students to accelerate your progress

When you get the Coaching Pack, you join a group of motivated professionals who want to improve their English and their career opportunities.

We work closely, and I push you to become fluent in your professional discussions. We meet one time per week, every week for 3 months. Each session is dedicated to a specific lesson in the Get The Job Course.

You practice speaking, so you become confident. I correct your mistakes, so you sound credible in your job.

We meet every Monday for 3 months, from Monday December 4 to Monday March 6th, (with a break for Christmas and New Year's). Each week, you, me, and other GTJ coaching students work together to boost your English, and boost your career.

Live coaching accelerates your business English fluency.
No need to have an interview planned!


The "Get The Job" Course changes lives:

My 2nd interview was all in English, but I felt prepared and confident after "Get The Job." The recruiter asked all the same questions that are in your course. Your videos really helped me prepare. I’ll start my new job with a Brazilian company in 2 weeks! Thank you Christina!

Philippe Software engineer

Christina's lessons in the Get The Job course are so well structured that I even used the advice to improve my interview in French! The day of my interview, I felt very confident and answered the questions easily. Result? I got the job!

Raphaella Personal assistant

I want to thank you for all your help, because your program worked! I got the job, and in September, with my husband and baby, I'm moving from France to Austin, Texas to start a new job. It's my dream to go to the USA, and your course helped me do it!

Jessica Web marketer

After I started the lessons, I saw an immediate difference in the way I talked about my profile & experience. It helped me structure my answers and go straight to the point. The first interview I did after the course, I got the job! 

Annabelle Global marketing communication manager

EXTRA BONUSES, so you're not eliminated in the pre-screening round

The Conf Call Confidence Pack

Become comfortable in meetings & conf calls, finally! Master this essential business skill with The Conf Call Confidence Pack.

It's a complete course, where you learn:

    • How to understand more easily in meetings & conf calls
    • How to express yourself confidently in group discussions
    • What to do when the conf call connection is bad
    • How to understand the accents of your Indian, Chinese, and American colleagues

The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect CV in English

Small Talk Bonus Lesson: Talking about yourself in everyday conversations

Survive the pre-screening interviews

Speaking English on the phone is already difficult. Add the stress of a job interview, and you can easily make mistakes that cost you the opportunity.

This 20-page guide shows you how to

    • Avoid elimination in the pre-screening interviews
    • Adapt your answers to phone & skype interviews
    • Address tech problems without stress
    • Start and end calls smoothly and with confidence

Insider interview tips from a recruiter

Small Talk Bonus Lesson: Talking about yourself in everyday conversations

Plus access to the course for life

Most sites offer access to their course for a limited time. When you join my course today, you get access to the Get The Job Course FOR LIFE.

Your access never expires. Revise your lessons anytime! 

And when I add new lessons, you get the new lessons for free!

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Is the level right for me?

This course is pre-intermediate to advanced (B1 - C1)

Try a lesson for free, and see if the course is your level

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Is the content right for me?

Here is how the course will help you, depending on your profile

  • 1

    If you're looking for a job

    Learn what a recruiter expects in each answer. Structure your answers to highlight the most valuable points of your experience and convince them that you're the right candidate for the job, even if you've been searching for a long time.

  • 2

    If you want to change jobs

    Explain why you want to change jobs in a way that makes the new position seem like the next logical step in your career. Show the interviewer how much value you'll bring, and what they'll gain by hiring you.

  • 3

    If you want exciting missions in your current job

    Interesting projects and missions often require a good level of English. Show your manager that you have the English level and the qualifications necessary for the trade exhibition in Frankfurt, the expatriation in NYC, or that exciting international project.

  • 4

    If you want to develop professionally

    This course helps you keep your professional English up to date for those opportunities where you need to talk about yourself and your experience. It's essential to be able to talk about yourself, describe your strengths and weaknesses, negotiate pay, talk about your career plans, and describe your past experience.

  • 5

    If you lead interviews in English

    This course will make interviews in English easier for HR managers, recruiters, small business owners, or anyone who leads interviews in English. Ask questions correctly and know what to look for in a candidate's response in English, so you choose the right person for the job.

Vincent, a Get The Job success story

"I had a job interview 6 months after arriving in the Netherlands, and I was concerned about the local work culture, and how to prepare. So I joined the Get The Job course.

I practiced, and I got comfortable with talking about myself and my career. I felt ready for any question, like I could be spontaneous and natural in English, even on the phone. And I had ALL of the questions from the Get The Job course in my interview!

Result: I got the job! This course was a great investment, because it made a HUGE difference."

-Vincent P., French project manager working in the Netherlands

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Frequent questions

  • What if I don't have time at the moment?

    It’s ok. You have access to the course for life. You do the lessons at your rhythm. Join now and begin working on the lesson when you’re ready

  • How much time do I need to do the course?

    There are 12 lessons, and you can complete each lesson in about an hour. But you work at YOUR rhythm, and you have access to the course for life.

  • I like the course, but it's not the right time. Can I join later?

    After Nov. 17th, the price increases. You can join later, but if you want to get the course at the current price with the bonuses, don’t wait. You’ll get the future upgrades that we’re going to add for free!

  • Is payment secure?

    Yes. Your security is super important. My site is completely protected by https security.

  • Can I pay in several monthly payments?

    Yes, for both packages you have the option to pay in smaller monthly payments. That’s one payment per month.

  • How do the group sessions work?

    All of the details for the group coaching program are below. Please read the details there.

  • How is this course different from your YouTube videos?

    This is a complete, structured course. The lessons go into MUCH more detail than the YouTube episodes. Everything is ready to use and easy to follow, all in one package.

Details of the coaching package

  • When are the coaching sessions?

    We meet every Monday at 7PM Paris time/1PM New York time, from December 4 to March 6. If you want regular speaking practice, join us! (No sessions on December 25th or January 2nd)

  • What if I'm absent?

    If you’re absent, you’ll still get Christina’s notes from the session, so you can get the extra advice & expressions. But please try to be present at as many sessions as possible.

  • What is the level required for the coaching program?

    This program is for students with pre-intermediate to advanced (B1-C1) levels. This is NOT a program for beginners or elementary levels.

  • Where do we meet?

    For group coaching sessions,
    I use Zoom, which is free for you to use. I’ll send you a link to connect to our sessions each week. You just click and join us.

  • Is the coaching with individual or group sessions?

    These are group sessions. You’ll be with other Get The Job coaching students from all over the world. So it’s a good way to network and make new contacts

  • How many students are in the coaching program?

    This is a small group of my most motivated students who are determined to succeed in English. The exact number will be finalized after registration closes on Nov. 17th.

My Guarantee: 

You love the course, or I refund your money

Do you still have hesitations? Don’t worry, I want you to be sure Get The Job is for you.

Take one month--yes, 30 full days--to try the course. If you don’t LOVE it, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

When you learn with someone, it’s important to feel good about the relationship. I put all of my love, pedagogy, and fun energy into my courses, because I want you to enjoy learning English with me.

More than 60 students have taken this course. How many students asked for a refund? Zero.

No one has ever asked for a refund, because this course works. They got a new job, felt more confident, and English no longer blocked their career.
But if you see that this course just isn’t for you, that’s ok. I’ll refund your money.

Try the lessons for yourself. I’m confident that you’ll see a difference.

Here’s my simple guarantee: Take 30 days to try the course. My guarantee is good for both the Essentials Pack and the Coaching Pack.

If you don’t LOVE it, I’ll refund 100% of your money. Join the course, and see for yourself.

How to join the course:

Need help? Got a question?

Me and my team are here to help you!

Phone: +33 (0)6 70 44 79 80

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