For busy professionals who want to feel
confident in conversations in English

A step-by-step program to get more vocabulary, more
confidence, and more business and career opportunities.

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Boost your skills, even if...

You're busy with work and family life

You feel shy when you speak English

You lack speaking practice

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The most specialized online course
for becoming comfortable in small talk conversations
with Americans and other native English speakers.

Here are some things you will learn

  • The "ping-pong" approach, to introduce yourself naturally and confidently.
  • A simple change in mentality that gives you instant confidence when you meet new people.
  • The same strategies Americans use to clarify, when you don't understand something.
  • Questions you can ask in small talk (and questions that are too personal!)
  • "Little" things you can easily add to your English to sound more natural now.
  • Essential vocabulary for 22 of the most common small talk situations...
  • ...and techniques to continue the conversation smoothly if you lack a specific word.
  • Why small talk is SO important in business relationships (especially with Americans!)

Each lesson is packed with vocabulary, conversation
strategies, grammar, and American culture, so you feel
confident in conversations.

In business and personal life, we feel good when we can connect with others.

How do we connect with others? Through conversations!

In English, and American culture especially, your conversation skills are a major factor in your professional success.

We prefer to work with people we connect with. Building good relationships is an investment in your career advancement. And believe it or not, all of that starts with simple small talk conversations.

Hundreds of busy professionals just like
you have increased their conversation skills
and confidence with this program.

Now it's your turn!

Yes, I want to improve my conversation skills !

Every lesson in the course is step-by-step, practical,
and easy to learn... even if you are busy

American English: Confident Conversation Skills
is the improved and updated version of my popular
course Successful Small Talk

When you join today, you get:
Immediate access to the course Successful Small Talk.

  • Lesson 1: You & Your Job
  • Lesson 2: Sharing Personal Information
  • Lesson 3: Talking Business Casually
  • Lesson 4: Meeting Visitors
  • Lesson 5: Coffee Talk
  • Lesson 6: Comparing Cultures
  • Lesson 7: Inviting Someone for a Meal
  • Lesson 8: Describing Food
  • Lesson 9: Dinner Conversation
  • Lesson 10: Talking About Movies
  • Lesson 11: Books & Storytelling
  • Lesson 12: Sensitive Topics
  • Lesson 13: Travel & Vacation
  • Lesson 14: Free Time Activities
  • Lesson 15: Visiting the City

Instant access to all lessons in Successful Small Talk course,
AND all updates to the the upgraded version of the course

to try Lesson #1 for free

In 2020, I'm adding 7 brand new lessons in American English: Confident Conversation Skills by popular request.

If you buy the course now, you will get all the updated lessons of American English: Confident Conversation Skills in 2020, absolutely free.

New lessons coming in 2020:

  • Lesson 16: Starting a Conversation with a Stranger
  • Lesson 17: Joining a Group Conversation in Progress
  • Lesson 18: Understanding & Clarifying
  • Lesson 19: Ending a Conversation & Exiting Smoothly
  • Lesson 20: Cold Contacting Someone on Social Media
  • Lesson 21: Small Talk via Chat & Social Media
  • Lesson 22: "Friending" Professionals on Social Media

It takes only 20 minutes to complete one activity.
Even if you are very busy, you can improve
your English conversation skills with my course.

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Live Conversation Practice:
The best way to improve your English
is to put your skills into practice.

So I have a special offer for you.

Join today and get 2 months of live conversation practice in my speaking program Faster Fluency Conversation Club (Valued at 98 euros, but you get 2 months for 0 euros).

Practice your English conversation skills that you learn in American English: Confident Conversation Skills with your two free months of Fluency Club and you'll increase your confidence immediately guaranteed!

Instant access to all lessons + all updates in 2020 (including the 7 brand new lessons coming soon) 297€
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With American English: Confident Conversation Skills,
you will feel more confident and always know what to say
in professional and personal situations:

  • In your career:
    Small talk makes it easier to advance in your career. Unlike some other cultures, small talk and casual chit-chat is essential for business and career success. Good networking skills can open doors to great opportunities.
  • With colleagues:
    You don't speak only about professional topics. You need to be able to speak casually about everyday topics too, if you want to fit in and feel accepted.
  • With potential clients:
    Small talk before and after the business discussion makes it easier to build rapport and relationships which leads to closing deals faster. We choose to do business with people we appreciate.
  • In your personal life:
    Every friendship starts with small talk, especially in America! Then you find things in common and share experiences.

"This course works. I feel much more comfortable
with English conversations now."

Here is what past students say about this course

Oliver, company founder, France

I wanted to feel more confident and less frustrated in English. Before, I didn't make small talk. I was too afraid. With Christina's course, I learned more vocabulary, conversation strategies, and cultural differences. I'm more confident now! The human aspect of the course is a real plus!

Oliver, company founder, France
Miguel, telecommunications engineer, Mexico

Before, I had difficulties making conversation on everyday subjects with colleagues. But this course helped me a lot, even in my native language Spanish. And I got new personal opportunities because I developed relationships, thanks to small talk!

Miguel, telecommunications engineer, Mexico
Drissi, Notary & lawyer, Algeria

I wanted to improve my English globally. I felt stuck and embarrassed, and in conversations, I was uncomfortable. After this course, I feel less frustrated, not blocked. This course was so useful and I want more lessons like this!

Drissi, Notary & lawyer, Algeria
Patrick, project manager, Spain

I got this course because I didn't have confidence when speaking English. I learned useful everyday dialogues, got more vocabulary, and more confident. Now I'm going for it! I dare to try in conversations, and I'm not afraid to make mistakes. This is confidence!

Patrick, project manager, Spain
Eva, Web development consultant, Czech Republic

Small talk was always my problem. I'm quite shy. This program helped me improve conversation skills in English and my native language. The tips and study materials were so amusing and useful! I'm very busy with my company, but with this course, it was easy to find motivation... and time!

Eva, Web development consultant, Czech Republic
Sabine, artist, France

Before I found this course, I watched a lot of videos to try to learn English. It was slow and inefficient. This course is the framework I was missing! Now, I always have ideas about small talk conversations. And I'm able to start a discussion easily. Plus, I can return any time I want to review.

Sabine, artist, France
Become confident in conversations.
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Who am I?

I'm a certified and accredited Neurolanguage Coach who specializes in English as a second language and an expert  in American culture and business communication.

I have taught business English since 2004, so I know the problems that busy professionals face when they want to learn English.

In 2015, I created Speak English with Christina to teach English to adults around the world. My programs have helped thousands of professionals just like you become more confident  and more fluent in English!

My course was a finalist for the 2016 David Riley
Award for Innovation in Business English.

  • How long do I keep access to the lessons?
    Forever. Unlike traditional courses, you can watch, listen, download, review, replay, and redo lessons as many times as you like, as often as you like, for the rest of your life.
  • Is the level right for me?
    This course is for pre-intermediate to advanced students. You don’t need to understand EVERYTHING the first time you do the lesson. And as you progress, you can revisit the lessons. You’ll learn more advanced things each time! I suggest you try this lesson from the course, to see for yourself. You should be able to follow the lesson and learn comfortably, even if you don’t understand 100% today.
  • Will I improve with this course?
    If you do the activities regularly, YES, you will improve. Hundreds of students have become more confident with this course. See just a few stories from my hundreds of successful  above.
  • My currency is not euros. Can I pay in dollars/reals/rubles/etc?
    Yes, you can pay with any currency, even if your card is not in euros. Our payment system does the conversion automatically.
  • Can I practice speaking with this course?
    Yes, each lesson includes an interactive video, where you have a “virtual discussion” with me. This allows you to practice in an almost-real situation.
  • Can I practice speaking LIVE?
    Yes, after you buy the course, you have the chance to add 3 months of group conversation practice for the price of 2. It's a special offer for new students! You will see this offer after you join the course.

Improve your American English
conversation skills and become confident.

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I want you to love learning with me. That's why you can try my course with zero risk.

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