The best way to become more fluent in English?
Vocabulary + grammar + listening + regular speaking

You get ALL of this, and so much more in my fluency development program

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Feel more comfortable in conversations

When you work with people around the world, you need to feel comfortable using English in work discussions, but also for everyday conversations. 

You need vocabulary, you have to understand different accents, you need to feel confident making conversation. 

You get all of this in Faster Fluency Conversation Club! 

Today, you search for your words and translate in your head when speaking English

It's so frustrating!

How can you become more fluent, more confident, and connect with professionals around the world just like you?

By practicing regularly with a teacher and an international community,
using specific vocabulary on everyday & business topic

The Faster Fluency Conversation Club is a complete speaking method for international professionals, to increase your vocabulary, fluency, and confidence

The concept

The conversation group meets  5 times per week. You can attend any sessions you want!

Every week, there’s a conversation theme for the sessions.

To give you vocabulary and things to say about the topic,  you receive a Fluency Club podcast, the transcript, vocabulary cards, activities on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, plus an interesting article about the conversation theme.

Then, you can practice using the things you learn in real conversations, with other professionals from around the world. It’s a great way to understand international accents better! 

Result: You become more confident speaking English in many situations, about many everyday and business topics!

We give you resources for more vocabulary about the conversation theme of the week

You listen to the Fluency Club podcast, to practice comprehension of native-speaker English

In our sessions, you increase your vocabulary, confidence, and comprehension of international accents

Meet your Fluency Club Leaders

A qualified teacher leads each session, to help you become fluent faster

Cara Leopold

Cara has been taking care of the Fluency Club since 2018 ands she is also the creator of the popular listening site There, she created the Movie Mindset Shift, a 30-day challenge to use movie clips to build your listening skills. She’s an expert in helping advanced English learners who love TV and cinema fall back in love with their favourite films and series by becoming subtitle-free.

Trisha Traughber

Trisha is an English teacher, writer, and writing coach who is originally from Southern California. As the founder of, she loves helping people from around their world become more comfortable speaking English. And if you’ve got any questions about using writing or journaling to help you with fluency, Trisha’s a great person to ask. She also loves a good book chat and runs a book club–so if you’re looking for reading recommendations, she’s probably got some for you.

Matthew McNutt

Matthew has been teaching English since 2006 and has taught a variety of levels of English. He even created his own language center in Japan, but currently, he’s based in Vietnam. He’s a great listener and makes sure to give students lots of speaking time. He also enjoys building a relationship with his students, so they feel comfortable in lessons and don’t feel afraid to make mistakes!

Kristina King

Kristina is from Virginia, USA. She specializes in a variety of business topics and has been teaching English for several years. While keeping a professional style, she also wants to help you feel comfortable so that you can express yourself freely in English. She listens well and will enjoy hearing about your life and your culture. She is looking forward to helping you to achieve your English fluency goals.

The conversation subjects & resources

Every week, we suggest a topic for your conversations, and send you step-by-step resources to prepare. You get activities to develop your vocabulary and grammar, so you increase your level of English.

You also get our Faster Fluency Conversation Club podcast, where you’ll hear native speakers talking about the conversation topic of the week. This helps you better understand native speakers when they talk fast! Of course, we also give you the transcript and vocabulary cards!

The session days & times

We have 5 (YES, FIVE!) sessions each week. The program runs continuously. So when you join the Club, you have access for 1 month, starting on the date you join.

This way, you can find at least one session per week that works with your schedule. But feel free to join us for all 5 sessions each week if you want!

  • Mondays: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Tuesdays: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
  • Wednesdays: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Thursdays: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Fridays: 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM
    (AM = morning, PM = afternoon)

All times are indicated in Central European Summer Time (CEST), or “France time”. Calculate the time in your time zone with this time zone converter

The price

Membership in the Fluency Club is only 49€ per month. Your subscription renews automatically each month, so you can continue practicing as long as you want!

This includes access to all conversation sessions + exercises each week + a Conversation Guidebook, specially created for the Faster Fluency Conversation Club

When you’re ready to cancel, you can stop your membership. There’s no minimum commitment, and you can cancel any time.

Join the Fluency Club today and join us for our next conversation session!

Students love the Faster Fluency Conversation Club experience. I'm sure you will too!

How the Club helps you improve your English

Before I joined, I wasn’t sure to have enough time to take advantage of the program. Even with the sessions I attended, it made me more confident in face to face conversations in English. I really appreciated the teachers’ corrections and tips, and I feel more fluent now.

Jose M.

Company Owner & Manager, 


I’m shy, so I was afraid to speak English with people I don’t know, but now, I’m much more confident! And when I mention this program in job interviews, the recruiters really appreciate what I’m doing to improve my English. If you’re doing job interviews, I definitely recommend you join this program.

Stéphanie N.

Personal Assistant, 


This program showed me that I’m not alone in my situation with English. That’s important, because we all have the same goal: to improve our English. It was amazing to have this experience and know others from different countries and share our goal to improve. I recommend this program!

Ana R.

Business Manager, 


This program definitely gave me more confidence speaking English. I got more vocabulary and I practiced speaking with people from around the world, and that helps me in my professional life, where I work with different nationalities in English.

Assane T.



I’m not used to online courses, so I was hesitant to join. But I see now it’s a great experience if you want to improve, because you talk with people from different countries, but also a teacher corrects you. I realized I have a good level of English, and that it is important to practice regularly to keep it!

Youssra M.



I didn’t have any hesitations before to join. I watched some of your videos, and the everyday & business themes, the rhythm of explanation, the positive attitude… it all helped me understand that it was the right way for me. And I loved to talk with different people from different countries to understand different accents!

Lorenzo C.

Company Owner, 


I’m really not good at small talk in English, and the Fluency Club helped me have good topics and expressions for everyday conversations in English. I was afraid my English level was not good enough, but it’s fine. Other students want to learn too, and we all share the same difficulties and hesitations. But the teacher’s help, and the students’ motivation makes it a good way to improve your fluency.

Akihito T.



It was my first small talk program with Christina to get a better fluency and it was a great experience. The program is very well designed and powerful. It has been helping me to switch on my fluency. I met great people close to my level and the group energy helped me a lot. I definitely recommend it: see you there!

Maxence M.

President of AgilityBox, 


Frequently Asked Questions


Online. You’ll receive a link to connect to a virtual room where we’ll have the conversations. In the virtual room, you will be divided into smaller groups (2-3 people) to allow you to speak more frequently.


Yes, especially if you work with people of different nationalities! In the real world, you don’t only speak with native speakers. So Fluency Club helps you better understand different accents (this is especially useful in conf calls!) But, your Fluency Club Leaders are always present, to help and correct you! 


You need a good internet connection. And I recommend you use earphones so everyone can hear you clearly. And of course, a desire to learn and speak English!


No, you don’t have to. I encourage you to attend minimum one session per week. Most members attend 1-2 sessions each week, but you can attend as many as you want.


Then come back to the sessions next week! Every week, we have a new conversation theme, so you don’t fall behind if you’re absent one week. And you still get all of the vocabulary resources + the podcast and transcript.  


The Faster Fluency Conversation Club is a membership program. You can continue practicing English with us for as many months as you want. On average, participants stay for 6-7 months. 


Membership in the Fluency Club is 49€ per month, for 20 hours of sessions + ALL the resources! It’s my best offer! Your membership renews automatically each month. But you can cancel any time. Easy and no risk.


I recommend you have an intermediate level of English (B1-B2). The club is NOT for beginners or elementary levels.


If you can follow my weekly episodes and participate in simple conversations in English, your level is ok. Plus, your Fluency Leaders adapt to the level of the members of the club.


Simple, I refund your money. When you join, you have one week to try the Fluency Club, risk-free. If you attend at least 2 sessions and feel the Club will not help you, you simply tell me. I’ll refund your money and stop your membership.


Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.


You can join from your computer, tablet or phone. We just ask that you be in a calm space, so that you can focus on your conversations, and get the most out of the experience. 


In the conversation sessions, your Club Leader divides the entire group into smaller groups of 2-3. You’ll practice speaking with 1-2 conversation partners.

Try it for 1 week...with zero risk!

When you join, you have a week to try the Fluency Club with zero risk.

Come to minimum 2 sessions during your first week of membership to decide if you want to stay. If you do, fantastic!

But if you decide the Fluency Club will not help you improve, you can cancel your membership. Just tell me which sessions you attended, and I’ll refund your money!

Students love this program, and I'm sure you will too.

Join today to start boosting your confidence and your fluency.

If you have questions about the Fluency Club, please contact Marica, head of student enrollment & relations: