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Wednesday 26 May - Thursday 10 June 2021

Session dates: 20 September - 17 December 2021


Go from intermediate to advanced English, in just 3 months

Improve more in 3 months than in 1 year of traditional lessons

Stop translating in your head, and speak more naturally

Understand much more in everyday conversations

Write more correctly, faster (emails, slides, reports, etc.)

Feel credible & legitimate when you work in English

Feel better about yourself and the way you speak English

Better English = Better salary

According to studies* by Forbes and Cambridge English…

For 99% of jobs surveyed, a very good English level made a significant difference in salary 

For employees with fewer than 8 years of experience, average salary is 18% higher if they have a very good level of English

For employees with more than 8 years of experience, salary is 30-59% higher if they have a very good level of English. Wow!

*Studies of 8 major global markets and 20 major industries

There’s a good chance your country and industry was included in the study!

Improve ALL aspects of your English

My Virtual Immersion includes 3 different types of live sessions, to transform your Business English and your confidence

Small Group Coaching Sessions

In coaching sessions, you:

  • Become more professional in business communication
  • Develop soft skills in English
  • Have personalized coaching + support from other participants

Private Business English

In private lessons, you:

  • Have individual corrections
  • Improve pronunciation & grammar
  • Work 100% on your specific needs

Conversation Practice Group Sessions

In conversation sessions, you:

  • Become confident & fluid in conversations
  • Understand international accents
  • Increase everyday vocabulary

Create good learning habits, with varied exercises

You also get plenty of exercises to learn more & improve your English

Online course "Understand Real American English"
Understand native speakers when they talk "fast"

A selection of online exercises each week
Improve your grammar, vocabulary, & pronunciation

Podcast + transcript + digital vocabulary cards
Improve listening skills + vocabulary anywhere!

Group Question & Answer sessions with Christina
Submit your questions, Christina answers & explains so you understand completely

Choose your option

 Both options are LIVE programs. 

You work with Christina and her team for the duration of your program.

This is what you get:

Option 1: The Light Option

Option 2: The Full Virtual Immersion

You get almost 100 hours of live lessons, personalized coaching, & conversation practice! 

Which Business English Mastery option is right for you?

The Light Option, if...

The Full Virtual Immersion, if...

Flexible prices

Option #1: The Light Option


Choose “1 payment” and save almost -200 euros off the regular price 

Option #2: The Full Virtual Immersion


Choose “1 payment” and save -400 euros off the regular price 

Click the button above to choose your option and price. You finalize enrollment & payment on the next page.

For Full Virtual Immersion, we will contact you to know your preference: Intensive or Extended Full Immersion.

*Discounted price for individuals who pay directly on this site. CPF & company prices are the regular price (2298€)

Vous êtes en France?

Utilisez votre CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation) ou le Plan de Formation de votre entreprise pour financer les frais du programme jusqu’à 100% !

Next session: 20 September - 17 December 2021

NEW for 2021:
More flexibility with the Full Virtual Immersion

An intense boost? Or longer, relaxed rhythm? It's your choice! (for FULL VIRTUAL IMMERSION only)

Special "Early Enrollment" Offer

Enroll before Thursday 10 June 2021 and get 3 FREE months of group conversation practice!
You can start practicing immediately, or when you want later!


Do all sessions simultaneously during 3 months. An intense booster, for fast results!


Start coaching now. Start the other sessions later. Less intensity & more relaxed improvement!

This program has already helped 100 professionals around the world

Satisfaction rate: 4.8 / 5 stars

They have improved their Business English skills and confidence in English A LOT!


What do you learn?

We personalize the lessons for YOUR NEEDS. Here are some examples:

You improve EVERYTHING about your English!

Timetable information

Click the “+” to see the information about timetables

It’s flexible!  We give you the contact information and calendar of your teacher. 

Check the times for your time zone in the table: 

You choose ONE group session. You participate in this group for the duration of the program. 

For example, if you join the Thursday session, you will join your coaching group session every Thursday at the specified time.

Check the times for your time zone in the table: 

You do not need to attend ALL sessions. You can attend any sessions you want. Most participants attend 1-3 sessions each week.

My team of teachers and coaches empowers you to be confident in Business English

Matthew McNutt makes sure his students feel comfortable and confident, with lots of speaking practice

From: USA (New York)
Based in: Vietnam

Matthew McNutt makes sure his students feel comfortable and confident, with lots of speaking practice

From: USA (New York)
Based in: Vietnam

Exceptional value & quality you trust, from Speak English with Christina

Do you want to work privately with Christina?

Individual Neurolanguage Coaching options are available, for 3000-4500€. Contact Christina at for a consultation.

Christina's Confident Guarantee
I am 100% sure that you will improve your English with Business English Mastery

You can try the program for 2 weeks.

If you come to your sessions, do your work, and do not improve, we refund your money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. More than 80 professionals have done it. They made great improvements in their English, and became much more confident. I’m confident this program will work for you too.

Pre-intermediate or intermediate level (B1-B2). If you have an upper intermediate level (C1), this program is also for you!

Welcome Week is Monday Feb. 8 – Friday February 12, 2021.

Live sessions start on Monday February 8, 2021.

LIGHT OPTION & Full Virtual Immersion INTENSIVE finish Friday 7 May 2021. 

Full Virtual Immersion EXTENDED finishes later. You decide your finish date with us!  

After you enroll, we will contact you, so you can tell us which Coaching Group you want to join.

Please contact Christina at, or +33(0)6 70 44 79 80. She or her team will help you! 

You can improve your confidence & skills to succeed in Business English A LOT with this proven program.

Or you can continue feeling the frustration you feel today... What will you do?

Next session: 20 September - 17 December 2021



If you have a question, email me:
Or call: +33 (0)6 70 44 79 80

I’ll respond to you within 2 business days.

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If you have a disability, please let us know and we will find the best way to put this or a similar program in place for you.